October 16, 2012

Some thoughts about my marginal umbilical cord insertion...

I think occasionally about how the ultrasounds I had with Levon never showed  marginal umbilical cord insertion (in the side instead of the middle) in the placenta, not on any of them. It is a high risk issue, yet the techs never saw it... aren't they supposed to look for that? Although, I am happy to say that if they had seen it I wouldn't have had my home birth. And luckily, I was 5 minutes from the hospital so my life was able to be saved and I didn't bleed to death and was able to receive emergency surgery. I was reading about postpartum hemorrhage and it's caused mostly by previous cesarean, labor induction, augmentation of labor, and, surprise surprise - marginal umbilical cord insertion. I think every now and again how that would have changed our entire birth scenario. Hm. And I also think about the fact that same experience happened to my Mom... when she gave birth to Kai, she went almost 2 weeks early, at 38ish weeks, (like I did), her placenta had a marginal umbilical cord insertion, she hemorrhaged after delivery, and had to have surgery to manually extract her placenta, as I did. I wonder if it's something genetic.. it didn't happen when she birthed myself or Haley. Just her first boy, and my first (and only child) boy.

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