November 12, 2012

Starry Night nail polish tutorial via my instagram - levonsmomma

Step 1 - round up a pink shimmer polish and a deep purple polish. Apply pink and let dry. Pour a small amount of purple on an index card (or something similar) and using a makeup sponge, dab lightly at top of nails for the gradient effect. Use a qtip dipped in remover to clean up edges of nails. Step 2 - use a fine silver glitter and paint only the middle section of the nail, dab off any excess with a qtip. Brush on a chunkier glitter to the tips of nails and blend into fine silver glitter. Step 3 - finish with a high quality top coat for shine and protection. Enjoy your beautiful nails!

November 06, 2012

Cut my bangs..

..and I feel like a lady again. My frizzy, stay at home mom up 'do was making me feel pretty frumpy every day. Having bangs will force me to at least straighten them and make it look like it actually took a little bit of effort to look decent on a daily basis...

I have learned..

I feel so strongly about this quote, as my husband and I, and even just myself, before we met - have been so down and so out. With nothing. With no hands up, no hand outs. Without food, without love, feeling so alone. If you are here, just know that you are not alone, that we have all been there at some point or another in our lives. If you need help, I know it can hurt your pride, but do not be afraid to ask. No one needs to feel the pain of an empty heart, empty belly, empty anything. You are loved, needed, and cared about by at least one person in this world. Remember it.

So, I absolutely love this quote and relate to it so strongly. I needed, for myself, to do a remade version of the images with this quote over layed that I've seen plastered all over Facebook. All of the versions I've come across have been so tacky and so awfully done, horrible font choices, ugh. Just bad quality. So, I took one of the photos from my collection of our new backyard, of the cove and used that. I wanted to share this with you all.. so here it is. Feel free to re-post, but do not remove my watermark as it is my image editing and my photograph. I do not claim to take credit for the quote, but I also do not know who said it so it is marked unknown. Enjoy!

Playing, playing, fall apart!

Levon and I having one of our classic mid-morning photobooth sessions! We played with the dogs, cuddled, and hung out. Oh, I just love my littles so much - my human little and my FUR littles!

November 04, 2012

Our first Sunday Family Dinner at our new home...

Some of the pictures aren't the best resolution, but I wanted to share some of the memories we made this evening with my Levon, my husband: Patrick, my mother: Bonnie, my sister: Haley, my nephews: Audric, Milo, and Emris, and my niece: Nouvelle. We ate home cooked tomato alfredo pasta with ground chicken, my special seasoning mix, and parmesan, a side of green beans, as well as my famous home made, crusty, delicious, basil bread (the recipe can be found on my blog, here) with butter. Here are some highlights from our evening.