October 22, 2012

14 months

I have totally slacked off on this for months. But as we are leaving the apartment that Levon was born in (the room he is in now, his bedroom, is where I gave birth to him), I wanted to get ONE more progress photo in the house! It just had to be done. So here it is! 

Levon Patrick Alan will be 14 months in 6 days, on October 28th, 2012. He walks, runs, climbs, jumps, talks, yells, screams, smiles, cries, snorts, hollers, hugs, kisses, blows kisses, waves, high fives, feeds the dogs his left over food scraps, climbs over his gate, climbs out of his high chair, dances, plays peekaboo, plays the drums... this kid does EVERYTHING! He says all sorts of things: Dada, Mama, hi, yea, doggy, kitty, cat, baby, bitty, again, whats that, no, plus many more I can't even think of right now. He nods his head yes, and no. He has 10 teeth (almost 12, the bottom molars are coming in right now). This kid is incredible. We love him so much and can't believe he is ours! Our sweet little ginger boy, we are just head over heels.

(this photo is also on the Levon Grows! page, including more detailed information about his progress. It can be viewed via the links above or here.)

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