October 26, 2012

Rushing, rushing, rushing around...

4 days from now we'll move from our current location to our new place! I have to say that I am so excited and so eager to be there. I love our apartment that we are in right now (we've been here for over a year and a half) but it's absolutely time for a change. My son was born here, in our bedroom (Levon's birth story here) so it definitely makes the change bitter sweet. We switched rooms with him and it's been his bedroom as well, ever since he came Earth side. I have to remind myself tomorrow, to take a bunch of pictures of the outside of the house just in case anything ever happens when we are gone. I want him to know where he was brought into the world. It's a special thing, to be born at home (don't get me wrong, it's a special thing to be born WHEREVER a child is born but I feel so strongly about our home birth). I feel so overjoyed that we were able to share such a beautiful experience, creating life,  in the comfort and relaxing environment of our own place. I think back on it frequently. What an amazing opportunity. But, the time has come to move on and we are so excited for it.

Our apartment now is very baby friendly at all. Levon's bedroom is set up beautifully and is just as relaxing as it was when he was born in there. He's got all the toys he could ever want, his bright yellow bean bag, a rocking chair fit for a toddler, a recliner for momma & dada, piles of books, his bed, his drum kit (complete with his Grampa McInnis drum throne) - a multitude of things to keep him busy.. but it's the only place in the house he can really hang out as there is just no place to put everything that isn't baby proof. So, in the new house we are planning on baby proofing every thing from the get go and making sure our little peanut has free reign of the entire down stairs.

The new place is nestled on a cozy island off the coast of Maine, 50 feet from an ocean cove. It's quaint, relaxing, and lovely. It reminds me so much of our camp growing up that my great-grandfather built for our family. Years ago by grandparents had to sell the camp to make sure they had enough for retirement. That was a necessary but sad thing to have to let go of. But our new place reminds me so much of it.. we have a gigantic mud room when you first walk in, and all of the windows are old french doors. Through those windows there is a perfect view of the cove and a rocky coast line. There is a perfect little swimming hole in between the peninsula behind the house that we get to take advantage of next summer. Small details are what remind me of our old camp. The post and beam ceilings in the mudroom, the porcelain sink in the kitchen, the smell of the place when you first walk in. The place just has a wonderful vibe and I can't wait for our family to move in. It's located on 50 private acres, and across the cove is a wildlife preservation that can never be built on. So peaceful. Our dogs will absolutely love it.

So for now, I must get back to packing up all of our belongings and getting the apartment ready for showing tomorrow evening. We had the internet shut off here at our place so I would be motivated to get all I need to get done without any distractions... so, until we get it set up at our new home, I probably won't be posting too incredibly much...

Take care all..

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