October 21, 2012

Rockin' Momma & Auntie's Red Glasses

Over the weekend I spent some fun quality time with my niece and nephews and my son over at my sister's house. Her and her husband were away for the weekend in Connecticut for a Cross Fit Team Competition. So, myself, my husband, our little Levon, and my Mom were all over there taking care of our family's littles who needed tending to! I wanted to share a few photographs from the weekend of all of them sporting my rockin' red specs. Here they are, with my son first.

My baby boy, Levon. Almost 14 months!
My silly, oldest nephew, Audric! Six years old!
My beautiful niece, Nouvelle. Five years old! (With my husband photo-bombing in the background)
The nephew with the most 'tude of them all, Milo! 2 years old!
And last but surely not least.. little Emie...

My littlest ham of a nephew, Emris! He is almost 16 months.
Can you handle all of this cuteness?!

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