October 25, 2012

My poor sick baby... what would we do without the Ergo?

Levon has been sick the last couple days. Not sure if it's just teething or that he caught the virus that all of my sister's kids have been passing around.. it's most likely a nasty combination of both. He's cutting his 10th tooth, his bottom right molar. The left one is still coming up but it's not anywhere near coming through. He already has his top two molars. But, yeah, anyhow. Poor little guy slept in until ELEVEN this morning which is so unusual for him, as he usually gets up at 7:30 like clockwork (which he did, ate, and went right back to sleep). And, when he got up he absolutely did not want to be put back down so I strapped him into the Ergo while I made breakfast. Man, I love my baby. And man, I love my Ergo so I can cuddle him close and still get things done!

(Please disregard the stay at home Mom hair do!)

Poor baby boy.

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  1. poor kiddo... he looks completely zoned out. Cant wait to get home and read him some books. And i have a Sunkist with moms name on it.