January 26, 2014

Well, it sure has been awhile.

I figured I would start the new year, focusing more on writing, specifically in this blog and my other new blog, Levon Loves.

So, to start myself off on a positive note, here is a photograph comparison of me around eight months pregnant, to now, around two years and four months postpartum. I'm putting this post up as a reminder for myself... of what the last three years in this chapter of my story has done to better me and my entire life. I am content.

November 12, 2012

Starry Night nail polish tutorial via my instagram - levonsmomma

Step 1 - round up a pink shimmer polish and a deep purple polish. Apply pink and let dry. Pour a small amount of purple on an index card (or something similar) and using a makeup sponge, dab lightly at top of nails for the gradient effect. Use a qtip dipped in remover to clean up edges of nails. Step 2 - use a fine silver glitter and paint only the middle section of the nail, dab off any excess with a qtip. Brush on a chunkier glitter to the tips of nails and blend into fine silver glitter. Step 3 - finish with a high quality top coat for shine and protection. Enjoy your beautiful nails!