Mrs. Jury

[Self Portrait - October 15th, 2012]
For as long as I can remember I've always loved music. First it was teeny bopper mainstream music whilst in my early tween years. Years later, I met my first "real" boyfriend and he introduced me to the punk rock scene, safety pins, nautical stars, old man pants, and all things that clashed and caused a scene. Next came high school. I connected with a guy I would spend four years of my life with - from the time I dropped out of high school my junior year, until I was twenty.. during that time, my older brother introduced me to jam bands and folk music. I started going to music festivals with him at the age of 16. I decided to break it off with above mentioned guy and move back in with my Mom to get my life back together, and eventually to move to New Hampshire. There I slept in a few seedy motels with my brother and his girlfriend. Eventually moving on to the cement floor in a sleeping bag for a few months in a friends music studio in Alton, until I got my own place in Newmarket, and frequented The Stone Church every night it was open, to drink and dance. I worked on the seacoast at the University of New Hampshire, making omelets in one of their dining halls.

Ever since then my life has been a roller coaster of live shows, long weekends in New Hampshire spent with a close group of hippies who all met at festivals in Maine, and who also formed a band, and who would soon make a commitment to each other to move to Austin, Texas for the music scene. I wasn't in the band, I was the sister of the keyboard player, but decided to make the commitment to go, too. To get out of my home state and make the trip of a lifetime. A trip that would MAKE my lifetime, little did I know. We had a great road trip, the four of us (and a baby and black lab) that went down when we did. We stopped for a long weekend at moe.down in Turin, New York. From there we continued our trip and made it to Texas. It was a long struggle to find work and places to live... but eventually I landed a technical support job with a company in East Austin. There I met my husband... and the rest is history. From that point on, we traveled  back to Maine for a few months for my love to meet my family. We lived in Southern Maine in a big farmhouse, with someone my Mom met off of the internet. I worked in New Hampshire slinging Ecco shoes at a touristy mall, until we got kicked out, lived on my sister's living room floor in Brunswick for two weeks, and had to scrounge enough cash to take a Greyhound bus back again to Texas.

Now, I'm 25 years old. I live, laugh, and love here in Maine. We moved back at the beginning of November in 2010 to start a family. We got pregnant in December of 2010 and had our baby August 28th of 2011. It has been the biggest blessing of my life! Now I spend my days hanging out with my beautiful son, my sexy husband, and our loving animals. We try to go to as many live shows as possible and just enjoy our life together...

I enjoy autumn, loving my husband and baby boy, family, friends, dogs, cats, baby wearing, music festivals, camping, hiking, rain, crisp leaves, cloth diapering, home baked goods, hand made items, a good live show, traveling, flying by the seat of my pants, sweaters, fishing, writing, sleeping, dreaming... most happy things. I'm easy to please and am generally pretty happy about life as you'll find here in my blog.

This page is currently under construction, more about me to come...!