September 06, 2011

So what say you and all your friends, and all my friends in the alley tonight?

Today has been a nice, relaxing today. I got a lot done. And Patrick and beebee were able to take a nap together on the couch! Overall, it has been a calm day for every one in the house. Gaucho and Happy got to go for a ride in the truck over to Auntie Haley's to bring her butter for Gramma Cathy's birthday cake, and they went for a walk after. Aja and Ruby have been calmer than normal, too!

(Gaucho chillin in the living room.)

(Happy in her usual spot, right next to the toilet!)

(Both of the girls hanging out in the back room, the cat room!)

Patrick and I collaborated on cleaning the kitchen today. He did all of the dishes and I did everything else. I couldn't stand looking at it the way it was any more! Most of the house is back to the way it was before the home birth.. I'm glad.. I was going a little crazy looking at all the disarray...

I'm feeling more like myself, too. I've lost 20 pounds since Levon's birth! It's been 9 days!

We are headed over to Haley's in about an hour or so for Cathy's birthday get together. I love making gifts look pretty and nice! We got her something super sweet that is mostly from her grandson. I'll post later on about what it is just in case she sees this at all.


  1. I don't think there is anything better than seeing your baby taking a snooze with their Daddy. It's so sweet!!

    And you look so fabulous!! 9 days since he was born at 20 lbs? That's amazing!!

  2. Isn't it just the cutest? I love them both so much.

    Thank you, I haven't done anything but sit around on the couch really. It's fantastic!! :D