September 08, 2011

11 days... "40 weeks!"

Here we are at 38 weeks, 3 days along. I gave birth to Levon mere hours after this photograph was taken.

And here we are at what would have been 40 weeks gestation!

My little man is already getting so big. He is a 11 days old. Here he is sporting a gas smile!

(Chillin with me on the couch while Dad took the dogs for a walk this afternoon.)

I love this face that he makes! It's one of his stretching faces...

(Taking a quick peek, just to fall back asleep...)

I was looking at a baby picture of myself the other day and was comparing it to how Levon looks. And man, does he look similar to me as a baby... and the bigger he gets, the more the resemblance is there! He has my complexion and a very similar face shape. The first picture is me at 6 hours old, and the second one is Levon today. I couldn't get the exact same angle, or emotion, but you get the idea...

(Me, 6 hours old, in the hospital.)

(Levon, 11 days old, at home.)

Me at 11 days postpartum. 21 pounds lighter since I gave birth. I am feeling more and more like myself as each day passes by!! I am so glad I have my baby in my arms, and that my stomach is slowly, but surely shrinking down... :)

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  1. I couldn't be happier with our little family, and you're looking fantastic babe.