August 25, 2011

Slurry Jury

I just got finished "nesting" for the evening. Patrick enjoyed it, I would imagine, because he was able to watch some man television (Solitary Confinement, a National Geographic Documentary) and create and upload a new track to his bandcamp. He also enjoyed it because now he's got a dish free sink and a sparkling clean bathroom! I also offered to do a load of laundry for my mother in law who just relocated to Maine from Texas just yesterday... so that's in the dryer currently, fluffing up and smelling yummy.

I'm all yucky and I can't wait to take a shower but for now my wonderful husband is rubbing my feet, like he does every night. I'll hop in and clean up (in my sparkling clean shower!!) when he's finished and relax for the rest of the evening. Probably fold that laundry and get it ready to go so we can drop it off to her tomorrow.

I have my 38 week prenatal appointment in the morning, so, no sleeping in for me. 2 more weeks until my due date, I wonder if we'll "go early..." Let's hope so? Either way.. early or late, as long as he's healthy that's all that matters! We're all prepared for our home birth/water birth and the arrival of our peanut, so any day is fine with me! I can't wait to go from just the 2 of us to 3!

Goodnight blogosphere.

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