August 26, 2011

Say yes, to french press!

This morning was a slow starter, which is always nice for us. We rolled out of bed around 8:15 and got ready for the day with a cup from the Keurig and some jam & butter whole grain toast. Our prenatal started at 9:00 and ended not long after that. They seem to get shorter the closer and closer we get, which I like! It means we have an uncomplicated pregnancy and that's alright by me. And my midwives, I'd assume, as well! Shortly after they left, Patrick and I decided we would have some fresh ground coffee out of the french press. We have some extra time on prenatal mornings as he doesn't have to leave for work until 11am... so we busted it out and boy, was it delicious, and always worth the wait!

I love the extra long mornings with my best friend... I wish they could be longer. A long morning means a short work day...  he'll be home before I know it! And I get him the entire weekend... for which I am so thankful! We only have a few more weekends with just the two of us, the dogs, and the cats before we welcome our new addition. We'll have to go out and do something while we still have the time, and the energy...


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  2. You two are the cutest freakin' people on the planet. I love the coffee shot with the white background. Makes me want a cup!

  3. I'd bring you a cup if I could. The coffee out of the french press is freaking awesome!!