September 10, 2012

Our Baby Boy is One!

Levon had a fantastic first birthday party with all of his favorite family and friends (well, we were missing a few). I made him a dark chocolate cake with caramel frosting. He grabbed it with one hand, and then plowed his whole face into it! Just like I did, on my first birthday. He got a lot of amazing gifts. His top two favorites are a hand crocheted blanket from his Nana (my mother) and a real drum kit from his Mammy (my mother in law)! The blanket is in his crib every night and the drumsticks are in his hands by day. When I'm out of the room doing dishes or whatever else, I can hear him over the baby monitor in his room - singing and rocking out on his kit. Just like his namesake, Levon Helm. (He even uses the kick drum now! It scared him at first, so, Dada put a blanket in it to cushion the sound and he puts his tiny foot on there, and taps away...)

What a fantastic, intelligent, and loving little boy we have the pleasure raising and spending our days with. Happy First Birthday to our favorite little man!

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