September 25, 2012

A Generation of Mean

I think our generation is a generation of mean (that's what our friend group likes to call it). We are a generation of negative. A generation that loves to rant about all that could be better, better, better.. more enriching. But what if we looked at the world with thanks, with reverence for all that we are blessed with? For all our swag? Life might seem tough sometimes, but I consider myself and my family extremely lucky for all that we have. Sure, I can think of a million better situations I would like to be in right now - but I am where I am, we are where we are - so why not find beauty in each and every day? Take a moment to do the enriching things your soul craves? It really makes a difference. It really does.

Today I'm thankful for the cool breeze. Thankful that I am able to recharge my soul with chai tea with local honey for my allergies that have been lightly toying with me all week... Thankful that we have a cozy apartment for our family. I'm thankful for the patience to knit some warm & cozy leg warmers to keep me toasty this Autumn and Winter. I'm thankful for my hardworking & loving husband. I'm thankful for our rosy cheeked, bright eyed little boy who brings laughter to my soul each day. No matter your circumstances, no matter how low, or how much you'd rather be any where than where you are - try to give thanks and find joy in your day. Cause hey, that's life. It's what we make it, and sometimes it just is what it is..

Enjoying some Tazo Organic Chai Tea and my hand knit legwarmers.

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